Thursday, November 29, 2007


my aunt sissy and smooshie

Every Thanksgiving we go to Tuscon Arizona to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I look forward to going every year. I love spending time with my family in Arizona. I grew up going to my Aunt and Uncle's so I love it that now my kids are enjoying it just as much as I used to. Our first day out there we went to Old Tuscon. It is made to look like the old west and they shoot movies there. Our favorite part was seeing where they filmed 'The Three Amigos'. Thursday we enjoyed the day eating outside cause the weather was gorgeous. And my uncle made his famous smoked turkey out on the smoker. Friday Seth, Isaiah, and Tanner went shooting. This was Tanner's first year going. He was excited to finally be going with the big boys. When he got home he goes "mom I got shot in the neck". Luckily that is not really what happened. He was standing a little to close to my dad while he was shooting and a shell casing flew off and landed on his neck. He did get burned and it will probably make a scar, but he is really enjoying telling everyone that he was 'shot in the neck'.

the boys hanging out with the actors in 'old tuscon'

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