Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am thankful for........

1) God's provision
2) my husband
3) my three amazing boys
4) my mom and dad for their love for us and for their wonderful relationship they have with my boys
5) katie, shane, and micah
6) sissy
7) the most amazing, loving, and giving friends that you could ever imagine
8) trader joe's (this may sound funny, but i really LOVE this place)
9) sheparding a child's heart : the parenting study we are taking at church
10) our church
11) a house in old towne orange
12) MOPS
13) running
14) prayer
15) chocolate chip cookies (yeah, i can make them again)
16) what God is going to do in our lives
17) the best neighbors in the world
18) MOM's In Touch ( my new prayer group where we pray for our little guys while they are at school)
19) Dreyers slow churned ice cream (low fat, but doesn't taste like it, LOVE that)
20) seth and all the laundry that he has done while being home , i am spoiled


Anonymous said...

i love slow churned too!! SOOO yummy.

DL said...

What a beautiful list of what you are thankful for....I have a few that you listed that are my favs too! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

We think you're the best neighbors too.....wait, you were probably referring to Bryce and Sarah and Charlie. Great, now I feel embarrassed like Jenny on the Bachelor tonight- Haha :)

jenni said...

ha ha michelle....yes i definatley was meaning charlie :)..j/k