Wednesday, August 17, 2011


i haven't updated my blog in 5 months so i thought i would re-cap with what we have been up to. first i wanted to start with smooshie since it was a big kinder year for him.

every year in kinder the kids do a "100 day" project. this is smooshie's project. 10 shining stars.

another kinder tradition is the spring parade

the boys have to dress up and wear a hand made tie, and they girls have to dress up and wear a home made bonnet. the boys then have to escort the girls down the stage. it is so cute!

smoosh with mom and dad after the parade

for open house all of the kinder class rooms turn their rooms into the rainforest.

this was our tour guide for the night. he showed us all the different animals in the rainforest and taught about the different levels of the forest. he was very informative :)

in june smoosh was awarded STUDENT OF THE MONTH

he was so excited and we were so proud of him!

our baby graduated from kindergarten. it was a bitter/sweet day for me.

i am so proud of him but sad that he is not going to be home with me anymore.

he is going to be at school all day like his brothers.

nana and papa with the graduate

proud parents

smoosh and mrs. regan.

we love her so much. all 3 boys had her and loved her

we will miss being in her class, thankfully we will still see her around school.

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