Monday, September 27, 2010

first day of school...

school year2nd , 5th , kinder
all the boys are in school now 5 days a week.
i am still having a hard time adjusting to this new time of my life.
i have been mourning that the baby stage is over
and now i am a mom of school age kids.
luckily for me smoosh gets out early
(he onlygoes half day),
but it still has been hard.

my big 2nd grader
he loves his teacher
and is in class with 2 of his best buds.

he was more then ready to start school and to have his OWN homework.
he let me walk him to class on the first day but THAT WAS IT!
every day since then he wants me to drop him off at the gate just like the older boys.
he said to me "mom, i am fine! i have been coming to this school since i was 1years old. i know what i am doing!"
he has a point.
but i wasn't ready for this new independance

the reason there are no pics of the new 5th grader cause i guess it's not cool to have your mom walk you to class and take pics at the door. i understand. sort of :)

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rebekah@smith, party of 4 said...

oh WOW!!! 5th grade...thats my cup o tea this year...let me know if there is anything you need. i can't believe you have 3 kiddos in school! they are such cute boys! (just like mommy and daddy, though)