Wednesday, February 10, 2010

friends christmas party...

i have been a total slacker with my blogging lately. this party happened over a month ago. better late then never :)
every year we do a highschool friends christmas party. this year the jevec's hosted.
for those that don't know, my good friend vern got married while we were in hawaii. she had asked me to be a bridesmaid, i said yes, but told her i would have to be there in spirit since we would be on vacation. she asked if we could do pictures before i left so i put my bridesmaid dress on and she put her wedding dress on and we did pictures. well, i had no idea what she was going to do with those pictures. ha ha.. she made a life size cardboard cutout of me so i could be at her wedding. it was hysterical. so anyway, at our friends christmas party someone brought "cardboard jenni" as a white elephant gift. seth was very excited :)me meeting "cardboard jenni". ha ha ha!

it was a super fun night. we laughed ALOT and ate good food.
fun times spent with life long friends.


Alicia said...

That cardboard "Jenni" is awesome!

Veronica Harmonica said...

I was so excited about the "where the wild things are" crown I had on in this picture that I had no recollection of wearing until I looked closer and realized it was my normal hat and stephen's sweatshirt that made it LOOK like an amazing where the wild things are crown. bummer.

jenni said...

Ha ha vern!!