Friday, January 02, 2009

happy new year..........

this year we spent our new years eve with our great friends the trivison's (michael and janelle, tony and kristin). i was excited to have the kids with us since we have spent the last few new years with just adults. kristin made a great dinner and tony and michael ate up my bbq sausage links. but then....around 9:00 my 9 year old started crying cause he didn't want to stay up until midnight. (btw...what kid does that ???) anyways, he said he wanted to go home so he could get 8 hours of sleep..what??? no this is new years eve and we are at our friends and we are going to stay up and celebrate together. i even slipped him some diet coke to try to didn't work. around 10:00 he was a mess. seth thought we should leave but I was having fun. finally we decided to just lay him down in kristen and tony's bed. a few minutes later this is what we found......(guess he really was tired)
about a half hour later smooshie followed suit. so much for celebrating midnight with everyone.
at least we have tanner john. :) he LOVES to stay up!! he was so excited to be able to finally be able to stay up to midnight. he would probably do it every night if i let him. i even let him drink diet coke for the occasion. i know ,i know, i win the greatest mother award . ha ha ha.
because tanner was the only child awake he got to take the adult photo for us at midnight. and he did a great job.
happy new year everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed by his photography skills! Glad you all had a great time! Happy New Year, dearest friends!