Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i heart my city...

this past weekend was the first weekend of december. on friday night we stayed home and watched "merry christmas drake and josh"..what better way to start the holiday's then with a good old 'drake and josh'. ha ha ha!!! kidding :) but it did make for some good family time watching a movie all together while eating popcorn and ice cream. on saturday isaiah had his final soccer game of the season. they lost but isaiah still had a great game. that night we walked down to the plaza and enjoyed a free trolley ride through old towne to look at christmas lights. it was so much fun. i love living in orange and love the history of it. the more people we talk to the more we find that most people that live here have 'orange pride'. we take pride in our city and our proud of it's nostalgia.

on sunday night we rode our bikes down to the plaza to enjoy the annual tree lighting. yet again i was truly proud of where i live. along with the tree lighting is also a full choir and a narrator giving the story of our lord's birth. they were telling the true story and everyone was okay with it. it was a God honoring night (as it should be) and i was proud to be part of it :) thanks orange, i heart you!

**disclaimer-i got the top pic from google images and it turned out horrible! it is supposed to be a pic of the choir and the lighted tree. it really it is a great pic too bad it turned out so small :(


Anonymous said...

I heart my city too! Wish I lived closer to the circle!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

I'm right there with ya on the "Drake & Josh Christmas special" with the fam.
good times....good times