Saturday, November 01, 2008


our halloween started on thursday night at 'treats in the streets' the annual halloween party down in the circle. zas was anakin skywalker, tan was batman, and smoosh at the last minute decided to be an super american gladiator..what??? he was supposed to be captain rex the clonetrooper. whatever, i have to choose by battles with him so i let him go with it :)
the dark night batman
the super american gladiator
anakin skywalker

aunt katie and pirate micah
the boys were so excited to see darth vader
more star wars guys. since zas was dressed as anakin these guys started asking him all these questions about star wars. zas did not even miss a beat and got every single question right. i was quite impressed and so were the guys. maybe he's a jedi for real??
tired from too much 'treats in the streets'
on halloween day both zas and tan had 'character day' at school. they were both excited to dress up. both boys also had class parties. smoosh and i were lucky enough to participate in both of them. first we went to tan's party. in kinder they do a bunch of games with all three kinder classes. i worked the "eat the donut off of a string" game. super fun! zas had a class party with lot's of junk food.
tan and his best friend peter both dressed up like batman. so cute!

tan's class
zas and his friend colin also had the same costume
then...we hosted a halloween party at our house! we had friends come over to go trick or treating and then we came back to our house to hang out and eat. everyone was supposed to dress up , adults included! it was fun seeing everyone dressed up :)
seth and i went as orange high cheerleaders.
jeff and jen. ha ha! jeff looke a little too good in the juicy sweat outfit. :)

ben and salley
finally smoosh wore his clone tropper costume
and BEST costume of the night goes to vern and james. aren't they awesome ???
and BEST apple bobber goes to TJ!! he was so good at bobbing for apples. he won every time :)
i think zas went a little crazy bobbing for apples. ha ha ha!

whew!!! that's it and boy are we tired. BUT, we did have a great fun filled halloween :)

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Anonymous said...

How fun! So bummed we missed the year here we come! I wish I could have seen Jeff's costume in person, haha :)