Sunday, September 28, 2008

birthday weekend....

this weekend we celebrated isaiah's 9th birthday. i can't believe my boy is going to be 9 next week. it seems like just yesterday he was born. when i asked him what he wanted to do for his bday this year he said he wanted his two best friends (ben and jacob) to spend the night, and to go to wild river's with his family.
so saturday night they spent the night and we all along with my parent's went to in-n-out for dinner. this is the cutest thing ever...isaiah likes to go to in-n-out every year for dinner cause that is the first meal i ate after he was born. i love my son!
this is seth making the isaiah smile. lately he has been making the funniest smiles when ever i snap a pic of him. last year he even did this smile for his school and soccer pics. this is a running family joke around here. this is a total side note: but this year isaiah was so worried about doing the weird smile again that he kept practicing his smile in front of the mirror the night before his school pics. on the day of he even asked his room mom how his smile looked. oh isaiah you are so funny:). we love you and think you are the best no matter what smile is on your face!
isaiah and nana at in-n-out. nana even ate a double double! can you believe it ?!!
isaiah and ben. they have been friends since they were born. isaiah and i were even at the hospital when ben was born. i love it that they are such close friends. isaiah is super into legos and that was all he wanted for his bday, besides a wii game (star wars force unleashed) which we got him. so here are he and ben with the legos ben got him.
isaiah with jacob and more legos :) isaiah was a happy boy! isaiah and jacob have been friends since they were four years old. they love being together and love to dress up. i love it that they are 8 and 9 and still love to play make believe. jacob was the first friend that isaiah ever had a sleep over with by himself(he was only 4 years old). his mom dai said she caught isaiah in the shower singing "shake it like a poloraid picture" at the top of his lungs. ha ha ha. i love telling isaiah that story.
and yes more legos from his bros. these boys are going to have so much fun building all these legos.
nana and papa got him some wii light sabers that go with his new game. very cool! the boys are in heaven.
on sunday we all went to wild rivers where we met grandma cindy, craig, aunt caitlin, the griggs family (aunt, uncle, cousins),and the oliva family.
we then came back to our house for some pizza and brownies.
happy birthday isaiah!

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Anonymous said...

What a great post, Jenni. I love that our boys are still best friends and that they shared this special, intimate birthday together! Happy Birthday, Za!