Saturday, July 19, 2008

happy birthday tanner john!!....

happy birthday to my sweet tanner john. he is such an amazing son and i am so blessed by him daily. i praise God that He gave me such a blessing in Tanner and thought i have the honor and privlege to be his mom. this past year he has grown up so much. he is still our shy one but is slowly coming out of his shell. he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, to play the wii. he could play lego starwars, and lego indiana jone's for hours.. of course i don't let him, but if i did he would. every morning when he wakes up the first thing he says is "mom, can i play wii?" :). this past year he played soccer and baseball and did great at both. we definatley saw his competitive side come out, which dad ofcourse liked. okay and mom :).he is also an excellent swimmer and artist.he has such a sweet and tender heart and really cares for his friends and family. he LOVES his brother's so much. they really do share a special bond that i pray will last a life time. i love you tanner john and i hope you have a wonderful 6th birthday. happy birthday!

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