Sunday, April 20, 2008

tide pools....

after church today we went down to the tide pools out by aliso creek beach.

the boys were hesitant about going at first, cause they wanted to stay home and play "guys" (aka: marvel characters). which by the way, they play EVERY DAY!!

finally, after much probing by their mom they reluctantly got into the car. and of course once we got there they had a great time. they loved the tide pools and all the creatures they could discover.

we found a huge starfish, discovered a cave, and enjoyed putting our fingers in the little sea anenomenes.

the water was crystal clear blue, and the air was warm. the boys were bummed that i didn't bring their trunks. and guess what? they were sad when we had to leave.

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Our Family said...

what a fun afternoon!
Those boys have such wonderful parents to take them to do such fun stuff.