Monday, March 31, 2008

i've been tagged....

i have been tagged by my friend dai, i have to list 25 things about my self. hope this is not too boring :)..

1. i LOVE dessert. when i went to new york with my mom and aunt they would laugh at me cause i had to find some sort of dessert every night.

2. i can bake a mean chocolate chip cookie.

3. i love old houses and i own one that was built in 1908.

4. i keep friends for a looong time. my friend keri and i have been friends for 23 years.

5. i am helping coach my son in track. i grew up running sprints so it is fun to do it again.

6. i played soccer for 20 years.

7. i LOVE hip hop. just listen to my mp3 player.

8. i am a rule follower.

9. i have been married to my amazing man for 10 wonderful years.

10. i have three of the cutest boys that you have ever seen.

11. i love mexican food and chinese food.

12. i like to cook new recipes for my family. i am not a chef by any means but i do like finding new recipes and trying them out.

13. i enjoy long distance running. i have completed two half marathons, and hope to complete more in the future. my goal is to push myself to be a little faster.

14. i love to read, especially on the beach while my hubby surf's and my boys play.

15. my ultimate date night would be going out to dinner (mexican or chinese)then walking around balboa island while eating a balboa bar.

16. i am a very timely person.

17. my husband and i are polar opposites i think that is why we work so well.

18. i have the best job in the whole world. i have the honor and privlege of raising three awesome boys. they are all going to make wonderful husband's some day.

19. i have a fear of only ever being a mother in law.

20. i have come close to death. i do want to go to heaven but i am thankful that God kept me here to see my children grow.

21. i can be a stresser at times. sometimes i worry about things too much, instead of giving it ALL to the Lord. my hubby usually reminds me.

22. i LOVE finding a good deal. it can be a good thing and a bad thing. sometimes i feel like i have to buy it just because it is such a good deal. my hubby gently reminds me that i am still spending money :)

23. i admire people that are humble.

24. i am a good listener (is this me not being humble???)

25. i love going to hawaii and can't wait to go in december 2009. yes i know i am a planner but we have a very exciting family trip to look forward to. i tag katie and michelle. (i don't know how to do that cool thing where you type their name, then are able to click on it, and will take you to their blog. i am not cool like that)


DL said...

Jenni- Sorry for the tag...but it is fun! I think I knew everything about you (didn't realize soccer was 20 years though). So glad we are friends and that I do know so much about you!

Wallace said...

i bet you will be a really great mother-in-law. not one of those annoying ones that you try to avoid during the holidays, but one that your boys and their wives want to hang out with on a regular basis!

jenni said...

thanks meghan!!! i hope so :)

Michelle said...

Do you realize that 4 of your 25 are about food? Sounds like me :)

Anonymous said...

What is a Balboa bar? I am a chinese food addict too!!

jenni said...

oh karen!! it is icecream on a bar dipped in chocolate and then dipped in your choice of candy. i prefer heath bar. sooo good. you have to go get one.....oh and you get them on balboa island or the peninsula....pathetic that i love dessert so much, michelle is right i think i like food a little too much.

Jon and Missy K said...

OK, I love looking at your blog and seeing your kids growing up! So fun! I just joined an indoor soccer league. Didn't you and Seth play in one for a while?

Jon and Missy K said...

We are playing in Orange, I'll keep you guys in mind for subs!

Anonymous said...

I can completely relate to you on 1,13, 22, and 23. And I'm happy I can finally comment on your blog:).