Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas blessings....

1) our Lord and Savior came down to earth as a baby
2) seth got a job (yeah!!!!!)
3) our family is healthy (even though we may have to hold it together with stitches)
4) we have people who care about us. i don't think i have ever had a christmas with less stuff but more love was felt.
5) this christmas, Jesus taught us to care more about giving
6) trader joes and all it's yummy goodness
7) our family; nana's, papas, grandma's, grandpa's, sissy's and aunti's you know who you are... merry christmas and we love you.
8) our friends; to the runners, photographers, botanists, welders, loan officers, soccer players, insurance sales, old people taker carers of?, electricians, catheter sales (ouch), teachers, dirt movers, lawyers, marketers, graphic designers (i hit like 10 of you there), pastors, and even mac users, you know who are...the holidays would not be the same with out you. thank you so much for your love and support.
9) the zas, zaiah, bing; T.J, tan, bong; smooshie, the smoosh, stinkin' smooshie, sweet sweet babiesh, boing. chistmas would not be the same with out the bing, bong and boing. let's talk blessings.
10) whoever this secret santa is... you rock. no really, you rock.
11) mark driscoll because the holidays need truth and it needs to be spoken truthfully. mark does this
12) the bible - the blessing of the christmas story... amazing.
13) now stop reading this and go buy some streaming media hosting, seth sells it and he needs commission. :)

by the way seth snuck on my blog and wrote this, can't you tell? he meant all of it though.


Michelle said...

As I'm reading, I'm thinking "this doesn't sound like Jenni", haha. Thanks for sharing Seth! Those are wonderful blessings. I'm so glad that you guys have such a wonderful attitude. You never stopped trusting in the Lord. It's so cool that you can already see fruit from the hard last 2 months. Love you guys!

DL said...

I thought that was Seth! That did not sound like Jenni writing! I am so blessed to read how you all recognize the Lord's blessings. Some people walk through their entire life and miss what the Lord has done for them! Thanks for sharing that was fun to read!

Our Family said...

I figured it out in line 7 when seth said "you know who you are" yea...that definitely was not Jenni. Great post! I checked out your work site...I was like ohhhhh thats what he's selling...looks cool:)