Tuesday, September 11, 2007

happy 32nd bday to my hubby!!

yesterday was seth's 32nd bday. on sunday we went down to san clemente with some friends and family and then last night we went to 'lucille's bbq' in brea. i let the boys go to target and each pick their daddy a gift. hayden picked out a 'flash' shirt, so seth wore it last night. isaiah and tanner picked out running clothes. we had a great time. happy birthday seth!!!


DL said...

So bummed we couldn't be there to celebrate with you guys! Hope Seth had a fabulous birthday!

Timoteo said...

Running clothes!? So what are you boys exactly trying to tell you? (actually, wasn't it Jenny that bought the clothes for you??)

Anyway, happy Birthday Seth. I love you more than p-nut butta