Tuesday, March 27, 2007

funny quotes

our middle son tanner (4 years old) has been saying some funny stuff lately......

Mommy- tanner are you excited to see sissy (my aunt who lives in arizona) this weekend. she is coming to katie's shower.
Tanner- (with a puzzled look on his face) why does she need to come all the way here to take a shower?
Mommy- no, when peole have baby's we throw a party for them and we call it a shower.
Tanner- sissy can't have a baby she is too old!
Mommy-( laughing) no, aunt katie is having the baby :)

another one.....
Tanner- mommy can i have a strawberry?
Mommy- sure let me wash them first. do you want them cut or whole?
Tanner- i want you to cut the feathers off. :)

Hayden also has a funny one after church on sunday......
Mommy-hayden did you have fun at church?
Hayden- yes
Mommy- did you learn about jesus?
Hayden- yes
Mommy- what did you learn?
Hayden- how to eat cookies. :)


Kim Tostada said...

hi Jenni!
Thanks for the leaving the encouraging comment on my blogg. I loved the quotes from your boys.

I'm glad i've gotten to know you a little bit more this semester.You seem to have a really sweet spirit.

P.S- I would love to have some of those quick recipes you mentioned :'p

DL said...

Always enjoyable to hear the cute things kids say!!!!!